Asma Mechergui

Software Engineer

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I was born in 1990. I live in tunisia and work in ariana as a Software Engineer. I’ve been a professional developer for more than 2,5 years. I’ve mostly worked professionally with C#, Php and Angular but also a little bit with Java EE. I Also worked as a freelancer using the WordPress web creation tool. i created and implemented websites for a variety of clients in different domains like commerce, marketing agencies, blogs and others.


Focus Corporation

Software Engineer


ESPRIT Incubator

Software Engineer



2014 - 2017

Engineering Diplôma


2009 - Sept 2012

Bachelor degree in networks and telecommunication system


Quality management system (Qomply)
Full stack developer .NET Core/Angular

• Preparation & specification of the technical requirements.
•Development of the Frontend side using angular & angular material
• Development of RESTful Web services using .NET Core Web Api (Event & Action Workflow Module, Ldap Synchronization, Audits ,Settings, Permissions/Roles ).
• Project progress monitoring by wearing the hat of a scrum master.
• Keyword : Angular5, Angular material, Typescript, npm, .NET Core, C# , GitLab, Gitkraken, BDDWebStorm, Visual studio, MongodDB, Robo3T, MongoDB Compass, SCRUM,SignalR.

OHRM Focus (focus human resources management website)
Php Symfony Developer

• Development of custom modules and bug fixes.
• Keywords: Symphony, PHP, JavaScript, Pl / SQL

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Focus Academy
Php Developer

•Preparation & specification of the technical requirements.
• Design & development of custom modules (Progress, Automation of course creation, learning plan..)
•Installation & configuration of a Streaming server
•Preparation of the installation guide & the training support and the user guide.
•Keywords: Php, Moodle, MySQL, Nginx, RTMP , Git.

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Ecommerce websites
Php/WordPress developer

•Development , Design , Installation and configuration Of websites for a variety of clients in different domains like commerce, marketing agencies, blogs and others.
•Keywords: WordPress, plugins, WOOcommerce.

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Mind memory of Esprit
Java JEE Developer

• Conception, Design and development of a web application for Esprit library that manages, controls and monitors Borrowings, reservations, delays, Books ...
• Installation & configuration of the application to Esprit server.
• Keywords: java EE, Spring, JSF, EJb, Task Scheduling, Primefaces, Oracle, Esclipse, TomCat

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